General Overview

Fully-integrated provider of crop productivity technologies designed to enable the transition of agriculture towards carbon neutrality. To do this, Bioceres’ solutions create economic incentives for farmers and other stakeholders to adopt environmentally friendlier production practices. The Company has a unique biotech platform with high-impact, patented technologies for seeds and microbial ag-inputs, as well as next generation crop nutrition and protection solutions. Along with its HB4® – drought tolerant seed technology program, Bioceres is also bringing digital solutions to support growers’ decisions and provide end-to-end traceability for production outputs.

Bioceres Crop Solutions’ primary operations are in South America, although we are a global company with an extensive geographic footprint.  Our agricultural inputs are marketed across more than 25 countries, mainly in Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Europe and South Africa.




  • Bioceres is among the leading companies serving the world’s largest and fastest-growing agricultural markets
  • Unique biotech platform with high-impact, patented and commercialized technologies focused on raising crop yields and reducing the carbon footprint of the agricultural industry, which produces 24% of GHG emissions globally
  • Multiple levers for growth, including a robust product pipeline and well-invested asset base
  • Solid financial position with healthy cash flow generation
  • Extensive distribution network: Diverse and strong channel presence in key markets and supported by the relevance of our brands as well as the breadth of our product portfolio
  • The success of our platform and strong presence in targeted markets has made us a flagship agricultural solutions provider, as well as the natural partner for many global agricultural conglomerates
  • Highly-accomplished management team with ability to identify and effectively integrate acquisitions that are complementary in terms of technology, product mix and geography

Fast facts

    Company to achieve drought-tolerant soybeans and wheat crops

    Registered products

    Patents issued or pending

    International subsidiaries

    Person sales force

    Argentine and International distributors

    Our Operational & Organizational Structure

    • 5 million gallon formulation plant
    • 24,000 gallon fermentation plant 375,000 square feet of warehouse space, for packaging and logistics.
    • 250,000 square foot fertilizer facility as part of our joint venture with De Sangosse.
    • 449 full-time employees
    • Adjuvant plant in Brazil with a production capacity of 1.5 million liters per year
    • Field station – 28 hectares (70 acres) research farm in Pergamino, Argentina

    Business model

      Technology sourcing

      Our open architecture model allows the world’s scientific community (public and educational institutions, other companies, entrepreneurs, etc.) to collaborate with us. Currently, Bioceres is involved with more than 30 collaboration projects and joint initiatives with various technology players across the world. Through these arrangements, we source and validate promising early-stage technologies, which are usually financed through public grants and/or other capital-efficient sources and thereby mitigate high financial risks often associated with discoveries at this stage of development. 

      Product development

      We collaborate with strategic partners and form joint ventures to develop validated technologies and bring resulting products to market faster and with higher returns on investment. This approach also reduces our financial burden and the risks related to product development activities, while also enhancing our ability to develop multiple commercially viable products.

      Go to market

      We test and conduct trial runs of our key technologies at our main field station in Pergamino, Argentina, which also has processing capabilities for foundation seeds. In addition to Argentina, we have production facilities in Brazil. Leveraging our dominant position in Argentina, our home market and one of the world’s largest crop producers, we are successfully expanding in other major agricultural markets, such as Brazil, Europe and the United States.  Our global footprint also includes sales offices or representatives in nine other countries. We believe our growing presence in key markets will attract additional industry leaders interested in forging partnerships to develop and commercialize high-value crop productivity solutions, whether it’s R&D, licensing, production or distribution.

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