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General Overview


We are a fully-integrated provider of crop productivity solutions, including seeds, seed traits, seed treatments, biologicals, high-value adjuvants and fertilizers. We have developed a multi-discipline and multi-product platform capable of providing solutions throughout the entire crop cycle, from pre-planting to transportation and storage.

Our platform is designed to cost-effectively bring high-value technologies to market through an open-architecture approach. See “—Our Business Model”. Our headquarters and primary operations are based in Argentina, which is our key end-market as well as one of the largest markets globally for GM crops. Our controlling shareholder, Bioceres S.A., leverages its relationship with its shareholders, many of whom are agricultural leaders and key participants in our end-markets, to increase adoption of our products and technologies. In 2016, we raised capital through financing from strategic investors such as Monsanto and BAF Capital, which we believe represents validation of our business model as well as endorsement of our products.

As of September 30, 2018, we owned or licensed 368 registered products and we owned or licensed, either exclusively or non-exclusively, 210 patents and patent applications. In some instances, our licenses are limited in terms of duration, geography and/or field of use. In the three-month period ended September 30, 2018, we distributed over 7.6 million doses of inoculants, 1.4 million liters of adjuvants, 2.6 tons of high value fertilizers as well as other agricultural inputs, and in the year ended June 30, 2018, we distributed over 14.1 million doses of inoculants, 7.5 million liters of adjuvants, 6.6 tons of high value fertilizers as well as other agricultural inputs across more than 25 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, India, United States, Uruguay, Germany, South Africa among others. Our pipeline of products includes fertilizers, inoculants, adjuvants, crop protection solutions and seeds. Our net revenue, net loss and Adjusted EBITDA for the year ended June 30, 2018 were US$133.5 million, US$14.3 million and US$22.4 million, respectively. Adjusted EBITDA is a non-IFRS financial measure. Net loss is the most directly comparable measure calculated in accordance with IFRS. See “Bioceres’ Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations—Non-IFRS Financial Measures” and “Risk Factors—Risks related to Bioceres and its business” for information regarding our use of Adjusted EBITDA and a reconciliation of net loss to Adjusted EBITDA.

Taking into account our acquisition of Rizobacter in October 2016, we have a combined experience of 42 years and we have established a leadership position in sourcing, development, production and sales of biological products for some of the most globally prolific crops, including soy, corn, wheat and alfalfa. We sell our products through a 90-person sales and marketing team and enjoy exceptional access to the end-user grower as a result of: (i) our strategic alliances with global leaders, such as Syngenta AG (“Syngenta”), Valent Biosciences, Dow AgroSciences, Don Mario and TMG; (ii) the shareholders of our parent company, who collectively control significant agricultural land; and (iii) our longstanding relationships with dealers and distributors. Our customers include global blue-chip companies and industry leaders, large distributors, co-ops and dealers, as well as growers.

Our leading infrastructure, the success of our platform and commanding presence in our key markets have made us the effective flagship agricultural solutions provider, as well as the natural partner for global conglomerates, in South America.

Our History

Our parent company, Bioceres S.A. (the “Parent”), was founded in 2001 by a leading group of growers in Argentina to address the demand for higher crop yield and productivity in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. Since our founding, we have developed one of the leading fully integrated biotechnology platforms of its kind to source, validate, develop and commercialize agricultural technologies and products. We have strategically targeted some of the most globally prolific crops, namely, soy, wheat, alfalfa and corn, in one of the largest geographies for GM plants on a global scale.
In order to bring our products to market in an efficient and cost-effective manner, we have established multiple joint ventures, formed non-joint venture collaborations and created and acquired multiple companies. Our joint ventures include partnerships with important industry participants, such as Florimond Desprez, De Sangosse and Arcadia Biosciences. Some of our non-joint venture collaborations include those with Dow AgroSciences, Momentive, Syngenta and Forage Genetics, among others. Of the companies we have acquired, the most significant was our October 2016 acquisition of the controlling stake in Rizobacter S.A., a global leader in biological products and a pioneer in liquid inoculants. We expect to exercise a call option for an additional 29.99% of Rizobacter upon the successful completion of the business combination. In addition to its market leading position in biological products, Rizobacter offers fertilizers, professional seed treatment services and tolling or formulation services.

The graph below sets forth our history and track record of innovation through joint ventures and acquisitions:

Note: Graphics (bars) for illustrative purpose only.

Bioceres expects to exercise the Rizobacter Call Option for additional 29.99% of common stock of Rizobacter upon the consummation of the business combination.

Our Operational and Organizational Structure

Bioceres is headquartered in Rosario, Argentina. Our main manufacturing and distribution facilities are located in Pergamino, Argentina. Our manufacturing facilities include an approximately 1.05 million gallon formulation plant, an approximately 24,000 gallon fermentation plant as well as packaging and logistics operations with over 375,000 square feet of warehouse space. In June 2016, we inaugurated our new 250,000-square foot fertilizer facility as part of our joint venture with De Sangosse.

We test and conduct trial runs of our key technologies at our main field station located in Pergamino, Argentina, which also has processing capabilities for foundation seed. We also operate facilities in Brazil and Paraguay and have sales offices or representatives in nine countries. We believe that we will continue to grow our dominant position in Argentina and that our leadership position will continue to attract interest in partnerships from global industry leaders seeking to develop and commercialize high-value crop productivity solutions in the large and attractive Argentine and South American markets. As of September 30, 2018, we had 389 full-time employees.

Technology Sourcing

We have a right of first refusal agreement with INDEAR, our Parent’s technology sourcing and product development subsidiary, for any technology INDEAR develops or sources concerning crop productivity. Through such arrangement with INDEAR, we source and validate promising early stage technologies, which are usually financed through public grants and/or other capital efficient sources and thereby mitigate the associated high financial risks associated with such early stage discoveries.

Product Development Partnering

We focus on collaborating with strategic partners and creating joint ventures to develop validated technologies and to bring these products to market. We further reduce our financial burden and risk from product development activities while also increasing our ability to develop multiple products. The following joint ventures currently support this initiative:

Verdeca, our U.S.-based joint venture, was created to develop and bring soybean varieties with next-generation agricultural technologies to market.
Trigall Genetics, our Uruguay-based joint venture that focuses on developing and commercializing conventional and next-generation biotechnology wheat varieties for the South American market.
Semya, an intra-company joint venture with Rizobacter, is dedicated to the EcoSeed initiative and focuses on researching and developing seed treatments as well as agricultural biological input applications for soybean, wheat and alfalfa markets.

Production and Market Access

We focus on leveraging our shareholder base of leading South American growers as well as proprietary sales channels for direct access to end consumers. By establishing multiple pathways to markets, we maximize our market reach and rate of technology adoption. We currently have over 300 products and licenses. The following subsidiaries support this initiative, certain of which match our investments on a dollar-for-dollar basis:

Rizobacter, a global leader in biological products and Argentina’s leading provider of bio-based solutions for the agricultural sector with a strong focus on crop nutrition and protection solutions.
Bioceres Semillas, our sales channel for seeds, with a primary crop focus on wheat and soybean.
Synertech, which was formed in partnership with De Sangosse with the goal of producing and commercializing micro-beaded fertilizers.

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